Here is what you need to install PingFederate on a Unix-based OS (our OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.2):

Here are the steps on how to install, configure and uninstall it:

Step 1: Open your terminal and create Redhat user account (‘pingfederate/pingfederate’) to manage PingFederate’s installation directory

$ sudo useradd pingfederate

$sudo passwd pingfederate


Step 2: Create directory ‘pf’ under ‘/opt’ and assign ownership/permissions to ‘pingfederate’ user

$ sudo mkdir /opt/pf

$ sudo chown -R pingfederate /opt/pf

$ sudo chmod -R 775 /opt/pf

Step 3: Download PingFederate 10.1 for this lab.

Here is the link where to download PingFederate: PingFederate downloads.

Step 4: Copy the zip file pingfederate-10.1.0 to the OS & unzip it under ‘/opt/pf’ (‘sudo yum install zip unzip -y’ for installing unzip in your OS, if you need it)

$ su – pingfederate

$ ls /var/tmp

$ unzip /var/tmp/ -d /opt/pf

$ ls /opt/pf

$ mv /opt/pf/pingfederate-10.1.0 /opt/pf/pingfederate

$ ls -la /opt/pf
drwxr-xr-x. 16 pingfederate root 203 Aug 10 21:24 pingfederate

$ ls /opt/pf/pingfederate/
SNMP bin connection_export_examples etc legal lib lib-ext log modules sbin sdk server upgrade work

$ ls -la /opt/pf/pingfederate/bin/
-rwxr–r–. 1 pingfederate root 9552 Jun 17 22:44 /opt/pf/pingfederate/bin/

Step 5: Start PingFederate

$ /opt/pf/pingfederate/bin/
PingFederate running…

Step 6: Configure PingFederate

Open your preferred browser and go to the following url: https://<your-hostname>:9999/pingfederate/app (in my case:

Accept the self-signed ssl certificate
Accept the agreement by clicking on ‘Accept’
Choose option ‘No,..’ and click ‘Next’
Upload the license key provided by PingIdentity and click ‘Next’
Accept defaults and click on ‘Next’
Accept defaults and click ‘Next’
Create first administrator account and click ‘Next’
Click ‘Next’
Click ‘Done’

This is the main dashboard.

That is all about getting up to speed with a simple installation of PingFederate.

Step 7: Uninstall PingFederate

In order to uninstall PingFederate, there is a need to stop PingFederate (if needed), create a backup of the installation directory (it is wise to do so) and remove the installation directory. Here is how you do it:

# Stop PingFederate

If your PingFederate is started as on step 5, just execute ‘ctrl+c’ to stop the service. Or in alternative, you need to find the java process related to it and kill it.

# Backup installation directory

$ cp -r /opt/pf/pingfederate/ /backups

# Remove installation directory
$ rm -rf /opt/pf

NOTE: Please, visit the following official website for installing PingFederate as a service on Linux:

Have fun with PingFederate.

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